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The 8 reasons and advantages of flexible lamp are not bright

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The 8 reasons and advantages of flexible lamp are not bright

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How does the lighting function of flexible lamp belt come into play? From the current series of homework, people need to understand how the current lighting function can be further optimized according to the advertisement lighting of led engineering lamps. The led engineering light belt, which has been optimized by the lighting tools, has been on the road of advertising. Nowadays, in the lighting mode of led engineering lamp with good understanding, the specific functional lighting or advertising effect can not be separated from the decorative effect of the integrated led engineering light belt.

8 reasons why led engineering light is not bright:

1. The packaging protection of the flexible lamp belt is not perfect, resulting in damage to the lamp bead during transportation.

2. The welding spot of the flexible lamp band has the phenomenon of virtual welding. The vibration in the transport process causes the welding spot to fall off and the lamp is not bright.

3. With less soldering of the flexible lamp, the solder will fall off easily.

4. The quality of soldering tin with flexible lamp is not good, and the welding spot of led engineering lamp is prone to crack and fall off during bending.

5. When the flexible lamp belt is installed, the bending Angle is too large, which causes the led engineering lamp to be separated from the copper foil, which leads to the failure of light.

6. When the flexible lamp belt is installed, the product will be over-extruded, leading to the damage of the led engineering lamp belt chip or the deformation of the welding spot.

7. The flexible lamp with circuit board resistance welding layer is too thick, and soldering tin and circuit board can not be completely fused together, which is also a kind of virtual welding phenomenon.

8. The flexible lamp belt should not be distorted when installed. If it is distorted, it will cause the welding spot of the led engineering lamp to fall off and lead to no light.

Flexible lamp tape

Six advantages of flexible lamp:

I. technical advantages: no wire technology.

2. Technological advantages: 300 meters of lead-free and no splicing substrate production technology, no solder joints are more stable.

Three, synthetic material advantages: high level through Ⅲ 98% uv protection environmental protection PVC, two layers of pure copper foil substrate, 5000 v breakdown PET insulation material.

4. Installation and construction advantages: a variety of selective shear, zero loss, more convenient.

5. Quality advantage: first class lamp belt test and test, ensure that the products are refined and produced well.

Six: fully automatic sterile, anti-static production workshop, large-scale production.

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