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How to calculate the installation cost of flexible lamp belt?

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How to calculate the installation cost of flexible lamp belt?

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Flexible lamp tape is mainly used for decoration, because of light is not very understanding, thus there are a lot of customers will be missed in computational engineering offer some link, give oneself add some unnecessary costs. Here's how to calculate the installation cost of the lamp belt:

1. Quantity of lamp band

For engineering projects, calculate the number of light belts required. It is important to note that the lamp band can be cut and used in three groups, with the average length of each of the 60 lamps in each meter is 50mm, and the length of each meter is 100mm. After knowing this, you can calculate the number of light belts that need to be used according to the design diagram of the construction effect. It is good to reserve the spare length of one meter or so in order to avoid the waste of resources.

2. Lamp power supply

Since the power supply is not distributed when the lamp is purchased, after calculating the length of the required lamp band, the power of the required power supply is calculated and the power supply is matched. Different light belts have different power, so the power to match should be chosen carefully. The power of the lamp belt is listed below:

Flexible lamp tape


0603 light belt: 12V, 60 per meter, 3.6W per meter.

1210 light belt: 12V, 60 per meter, 4.8w per meter.

5050 light belt: 12V, 30 per meter, 7.2W per meter.

Lamp band: 12V, 60 per meter, 14.4W per meter.

For example, if the led engineering lamp belt is purchased, the matching power supply is 12V and 4A, and a power supply can only be equipped with a 6 m 5050 lamp belt. For engineering led lamp power is 7.2 W per meter, a total of 43.2 W, 6 meters and power rating is 48 W, general power supply capacity is not recommended, because it had a great influence for the life of the power supply, suggest only use 95% of the power. If 100 meters is required, the corresponding 4A power supply needs to be equipped with a minimum of 16.

3. Lamp belt controller.

With flexible light said, must be equipped with the controller has effect, and a controller can control the lamp with ranged from 5 meters to 20 meters in length, which is mainly the use of kinds of specifications of the controller. In this way, after buying RGB light belt, need according to the length of the controller and the number of additional controller, or buy other RGB amplifier (each amplifier can prolong 5 meters). Don't mistake a controller for all the control requirements of the RGB band, which is the wrong idea.

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