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The flexible lamp belt solves the lighting problem in the stairwell.

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The flexible lamp belt solves the lighting problem in the stairwell.

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Flexible lamp belt is not only applied to decoration, because of innovative application of high heat dissipation integrated circuit board technology, flexible lamp belt can replace lamp tube, and even can replace panel lamp and other main lighting products. LED is a green energy-saving product, but the manufacturing process of LED, there are some links to environmental pollution, it is very painful. In recent years, because of the government's strict inspection of environmental protection, some enterprises have shut down enterprises due to environmental problems, including the closure of enterprises, resulting in the failure of the industrial chain. Especially the LED circuit board, the traditional circuit board USES chemical etching method to manufacture, after more than 20 processes of acid washing, water washing and so on, resulting in a lot of water pollution and energy waste.

But many owners often ask the designer, "why design a flexible lamp band?" It increases the cost, but also needs to consider the maintenance, will there be light pollution? Is it visually appealing? But most people don't know who was the first to use this design, and the purpose of the design. The design technique of "light wash wall" is used up to now, flexible lamp belt is concealed in condole top, metope or ground to outline the outline of space, become one of the lighting technique that stylist likes to use most.

Flexible lamp tape 


In concise style design, flexible lamp belt can make interior space become more type. Flexible lamp belt is not only beautiful effect, can increase the auxiliary illumination of space more, make the space becomes more bright. The flexible lamp belt added inside the cabinet has the effect of finishing the finishing point. The combination of flexible lamp belt and layer frame has both functional and good lighting effect. The light belt under the partition lets small room, appear more capacious from the vision.

Nowadays, many designers are very good at the use of "light wash wall", but the truth may not be said. The flexible light belt of the washing wall highlights the decorative panel of the rough surface. The combination of the tube lamp and the ceiling forms the downward main illumination, and the reflection of the pool and the shadow of the tree form a shining spot. The point of focus luminescence is that the parts that need to be illuminated must be very bright. For example, as a commodity to be sold, it needs to illuminate the steps between the stairs and the rain shed in the lobby. A flexible lamp belt under the handrail of a staircase solves the lighting problem in the stairwell.

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