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Flexible lamp with the manufacturers analysis of the general environment led lamp with the number of lights per meter is appropriate.

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Flexible lamp with the manufacturers analysis of the general environment led lamp with the number of lights per meter is appropriate.

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The brightness of led lights depends on the light color. On the other hand, it depends on the number of light beads in a unit, and the same light color, the higher the number of led lights in the same unit, the higher the brightness. According to the current mainstream domestic outfit design requirements, the sitting room, etc. The brightness of the open space requirements are relatively high, can choose four or five lines of article lamp and lamp bead for the patch of light with more, and for other room brightness requirements are relatively high, can choose four or three wire line etc. In the light of low intensity belt and less decorative lighting lamp bead a few patches of light. Like circular second line products, because of the number of led lights in the unit, the brightness is also relatively poor, so generally in the outdoor decoration decorative lighting.

Flexible lamp tape 

   What is the number of bulbs per meter? In general, the number of light beads per meter is fixed, and the details are detailed by the flexible lamp.

   The 1210led lamp is equipped with 60 lights, and the 5050led lamp is equipped with 30 lights, and the special one is 60. If there are other special requirements, such as 50 lights per meter, this involves modifying the circuit. Because usually led a group of three, if is 50 lamp, it becomes a group number is not enough but if become two led a group of words, will increase the value of current limiting resistor, this will cause the waste of resources. Therefore, it is important to note that the number of lamp beads is a multiple of 3 when making the led lamp with special requirements, so as to avoid the waste of voltage resources.


Luminescence Angle refers to the light Angle of led lamp with led element, general universal patch led, that is, the luminescence Angle of SMD element is 120 degrees. The greater the Angle of luminescence, the better the astigmatism is, but the brightness of the light is correspondingly reduced. The light Angle is small, the intensity of light is up, but the range of irradiation will be reduced. Therefore, another important indicator for the evaluation of led lights is the luminous Angle. Now on the market there are some bad led lamp belt manufacturers, in order to improve the brightness of the light to earn higher profits, intentionally minish the light Angle, not taken, you will get such shoddy element.


The high voltage lamp has a special monochromatic lamp with a dimming controller, which replaces the original lamp with a plug. If it is a high pressure color lamp band, the plug of the remote control is the controller, which can be reduced brightness in single color. Low voltage 12 v or 24 Ⅴ lamp, led dimmer more selective. Knob, remote control, panel dimmer control, more than 10 options. The dimmer controller is added between the transformer and the lamp band. The adjustment mode is PWM. Can adjust brightness percentage, also can adjust without pole. The maximum brightness is 100%, which is normal brightness. The dimmer controller can only be adjusted to 0%-100% and cannot be adjusted beyond normal brightness.

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