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The flexible lamp brings different visual impact.

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The flexible lamp brings different visual impact.

Date of release:2018-05-13 Author:ronghui tips Click:

 When the led light belt is suspended in the city, it brings a sense of natural beauty to the night life. At night, we can see the dark sky as if the sky is beautiful. Why? Because led lights bring our city the role of ornament, from a distance to see that colorful feeling will give us a different visual impact.

Flexible lamp with the function of fine decoration is unmatched by other lamps and lanterns, because had it our nightly illume ability become more rich and magnificent, colorful led lights take will bring us to a whole new world, and the gorgeous and stunning feeling will make us life extremely comfortable easy, natural and calm. We have a nice led light that we want to install there.

Flexible lamp tape 

The high quality and good value, performance, the main reason is that we use it, because the charm lighting technology produced the flexible lamp with all our latest lighting technology should be to get more support, it is taking the development of led lights to become more rapid and stable, designs city-lighting project for the future to bring more technical and quality support!

Later developed into the flexible circuit board FPC is used to do the carrier, because of its processing technology and simpler, easier to control quality, longer life, color and brightness higher gradually replaced the earlier process, gradually into the trend. Regular round two, round three, flat three, flat four lines, and so on; The colors are red, green, blue, yellow, white and colorful. Diameter: 10mm---16mm is widely used in the building profile, bridge, guardrail, hotel, Lin yuan, dance hall, advertisement decoration, etc.

1. Anti-static

Because the LED is an electrostatic sensitive element, if it is not equipped with anti-static measures in the maintenance of LED light belt, it will burn the LED and cause waste. It is important to note that the soldering iron must use antistatic soldering iron, and the maintenance personnel must also do anti-static measures (such as wearing electrostatic rings and anti-static gloves, etc.)

2. Continuous height

Led and FPC are two important components of led light belts. They are products that can not endure high temperature continuously. If the FPC is kept at high temperature or exceeds its temperature, the FPC will be blistered, causing the led lamp to be scrapped. At the same time, the LED also cannot endure high temperature continuously, in the high temperature time, its chip will be burned by the high temperature. Therefore, the soldering iron used in the maintenance of the led lamp should be controlled by the temperature control soldering iron, and the temperature is limited to a range, and it is prohibited to change and set the temperature arbitrarily. In addition, it is important to note that the soldering iron does not stay in the LED position for more than 10 seconds during maintenance, and if it exceeds this time, it is likely that the LED chip will be burned.

3, short circuit,

A lot of led lamps are defective because there is a short circuit at the foot, and it is necessary to find out the real bad reason before maintenance. Otherwise, after replacing the defective LED, it will continue to cause the chip of the LED to be broken through short circuit current. Therefore, before replacing the new LED, it is necessary to find out the real reason of the bad, and the medicine can be twice as effective.

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