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Why design flexible light belts, do you really use the right lamp?

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Why design flexible light belts, do you really use the right lamp?

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Many designers in be being designed indoors, will introduce flexible lamp with the concept of "light" to light up the space, in the context of rich space at the same time, also create the visual perception of the level, the actual contrast of light and shade.

Flexible lamp tape 


Lamplight, with kaleidoscope of the form adorning our life, among them lamp belt, it is the expression gimmicks that stylist people commonly use, its appearance adds dimensional layer sense, enriched light environment. Both indoor and outdoor landscapes are often enjoyed by people.

The light belt of the flexible lamp can make your home look more beautiful and more able to render the atmosphere. Led lamp has many kinds, want to choose lamp belt according to your decorating style, if want warm and costly effect, choose warm white. If want to want fashionable and contracted effect, can choose positive white lamp belt. Want to add a bit of dream and romance, can adorn the blue light belt appropriately.

Generally speaking, indoor basic illuminative use is floodlight, as long as reach certain brightness, the human eye feels comfortable can. Cannot produce light source used to let a person visual discomfort glare (comparative and strong light or reflected light too much), so the LED light source should be chosen properly, the best choice with PC cover or frosted cover LED downlight and bulb, also can choose the PC cover direct lighting, LED bulbs light power (wattage) cannot be too large, according to the habits of people at the same time, choose the color temperature below 6000 k of the LED light source.

The special lighting of indoor key area compares major, choose LED illuminant to have exquisite. At present, mainly focus light source -led light. For example, the display of clothing, gold jewelry, jewelry, platinum jewelry and other products, dishes, industrial special lighting and so on need to be carefully designed. Four points to pay attention to when shopping: color temperature, color index, light Angle, power (illumination and brightness) of LED light source. In the case of gold jewelry, the color temperature of the LED light source should not be higher than 3200K(warm color), the indicator should not be lower than 80, the beam Angle should not be too large (too large to be a flash), the power should not be too small. However, when used in platinum jewelry, the color temperature of LED light source cannot be less than 6000K, and the color index cannot be less than 75. Obviously, different lighting USES, choose light source must be careful.

According to the characteristics of led light belt products, it has been widely used in many domestic and foreign places, and has become an indispensable lighting decoration product. In the process of use, its products are also gradually improved, from the beginning of monotonous monochrome temperature to the current control of the color change, adjust the color temperature and so on. As long as there are market products, the industry elites will design and develop novel products. So there are more and more kinds of LED lights. Now on the market of led lights with we can be divided into two categories, is the input voltage of the high and low to classify categories, one is low voltage led lamp belt, the input voltage is commonly used by DC12/24 v, another kind of high voltage led lights belt, the input voltage is commonly used by AC110V / 220 v.

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