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What kind of flexible light is the brightest?

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What kind of flexible light is the brightest?

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In our daily life is often able to see the flexible lamp with this kind of decoration lighting, the following main said is to have some knowledge about it, such as what kind of led project light, such as the brightest ah.

The flexible light belt has no national or industry uniform model, each manufacturer name. Common flexible light with two kinds of LED, one kind is 3528, is a kind of 0 DaYu patch size on 3528, 5050505 in general than in 3528, but in fact is also 5050 patch or 3528 patch in time, the brightness is different, different chip brightness value is different, generally speaking the brighter the chip, the more expensive. Two different factory in time, using the same patch to light band, also may not be the same brightness, the LED is current device, the greater the current, the higher brightness, some manufacturer in pursuit of brightness and low cost, increase current increase brightness, life will be much worse, especially the white light. You should choose some regular domestic giant 5050 strips light band, ask the salesman to provide product specifications, compare each manufacturer specifications of the book value of luminous flux, the brightness of the lumen several big high commonly, of course, don't forget to consider half a failure point.

Flexible lamp tape


The brightness of the lamp should be consistent, which is related to the pressure drop of the flexible lamp band.

The flexible lamp belt needs to be powered by power. When the pressure drop of the LED power supply is relatively large, the brightness of the head and tail of the connected flexible lamp will be inconsistent.

Quick judgment method: connect the required length, light the lamp belt, side by side, and observe with the eyes.

2. Be consistent in light colors.

Light color consistency is also a parameter to test whether the quality of a flexible lamp is qualified.

Method of judgment: look directly at the light belt, or find a blank piece of white paper, vertically close to the LED surface, and you can basically judge whether the light is consistent with the light color. With the eyes, it is the most intuitive.

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