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Flexible lamp belt installation and daily use of three points.

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Flexible lamp belt installation and daily use of three points.

Date of release:2018-05-13 Author:ronghui tips Click:

When decorate, general will see LED lights decorate in the listing is with this one, but most owners don't know what this is, in fact this is very normal, one is the contact is not much, because the light is hidden, we only see the light, but can't see it. In fact, this is the highest level of the lamp - "see light without light".

The large main lamp of the sitting room center although brightness is enough, but downy enough, still can because of light illuminate the relation of direction, easy in the wall, ground forms light shadow. The soft warm white LED lamp belt is installed in the ceiling dark slot, which can not only provide the home theater lighting environment, but also create a warm atmosphere.

Chopping vegetables in the kitchen when the body blocked the lights behind the worrying cut hand, want to solve the problem of insufficient cut vegetables, washing the dishes, light, we can under the cabinet which side, work station is at the top of the position, install LED lights belt, small added local lighting light source for operating area, create a relaxed space atmosphere, relax mood.

 Flexible lamp tape

The three points for the installation and daily use of flexible lamp belts are as follows:

1. The LED flexible light bar belongs to the electronic precision products. In the warehousing, handling, please do not force the products on the way. Please be careful when removing the products. LED products are very sensitive to static electricity. Please pay attention to prevent static electricity during installation. Please do not use nail or sharp device to hold the LED surface.

2. If you do not install DIY design, please install the professional qualified technicians to prevent electric shock and short circuit.

3. Do not use led lamp with direct access to 110 v or 110 v use, otherwise will be burned article lamp, lamp must use a separate power supply, power is selected according to use the total power of the article lamp and link length. Generally, it is the power supply > RGB controller (amplifier) > lamp bar. Monochrome doesn't need a controller. Power selection: the total power of the flexible lamp band shall not exceed 70% of the power mark power, so as to ensure the power life.

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