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What is the development trend of the flexible lamp belt?

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What is the development trend of the flexible lamp belt?

Date of release:2018-05-13 Author:ronghui tips Click:

Article in recent years, with LED lights, lights are widely used in decoration and lighting area, Christmas decoration, buildings, yards, advertising abroad adornment or lighting for its great demand, such as increasing the size of its exports, within the scope of basic maintain export ranked in the top five.

   With the progress of LED technology and the popularization, the flexible lamp belt also gradually from the hotel lighting penetration to commercial lighting and home lighting and other fields, the application domain is more and more widely, capacity is more and more big, the price has been democratized. For now, however, the flexible lamp tape on product technology, the application also save a lot of "obstacle", for engineering led lamp belt production enterprises, to higher ground to seize more market share, must solve the flexible lamp with various problems。

Flexible lamp tape 


Although the market competition is intense, but choose to agents and sales of stable quality led engineering light belt is responsible for the consumer, the sound from the terminal market once again proved that the quality of products to attract consumers, although the flexible lamp of low-end market caused a certain impact, but time will prove that attaches importance to product quality and taking the path of the brand enterprises are the real winners.

In the past three years, due to the low entry threshold of the flexible lamp belt, a large number of enterprises have built flexible lamp belts. Even many companies holding the "quick money" the mentality of ensuring production quality, low ratio of flexible light band, to sell it again, the focus on the production of flexible lamp with enterprise's product quality and price are caused by shock, lead to this part of the enterprise profit space plummeting, also make the terminal market environment malodorous.

In general, the price of flexible lamp is lower and lower, and the brightness is higher and higher, replacing the rainbow tube completely, and the market prospect is very good. However, what must be seen is that domestic and foreign customers have different needs. At home, the customer first focuses on the product price, then the quality. Foreign customers generally locate middle and high end, they first focus on the quality of the product, and then the product price. At present, the low pressure l flexible lamp belt is trapped in a vicious price competition cycle, which destroys the overall quality image of the market segment.

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