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Flexible lamp belt must meet the requirements.

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Flexible lamp belt must meet the requirements.

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The flexible lamp belt needs to be powered by power. When the pressure drop of the LED power supply is relatively large, the brightness of the leading end of the connected LED lamp will be inconsistent. The consistency of light color is also the parameter to test whether the quality of an LED lamp is qualified. Bull flexible lamp band, using dome refraction technology, the light is even, avoid dark areas. Engineering led lamp belt of color rendering, especially when applied to large area light smallpox, as a basic lighting or applied in the cases as a display lighting, color rendering index Ra > 80 is a professional led lights belt must meet the requirements. Flexible lamp tape 


Because the quantity of home decoration is not very much, in terms of durable aging, we recommend to use low pressure lamp belt, constant low pressure work, can avoid because the voltage is not stable and cause the lamp bead current too large. The maximum guarantee of the life of the lamp belt. Each meter has "hinged scissors" mark, can only be cut off in the logo, cut wrong or shearing will cause a meter not bright! Some of them will be biased by the marking, it is better to take a careful look at the status of the sign before cutting, according to the local cut off. If you look carefully, you can tell. When the flexible lamp belt device, the ordinary place in the lamp trough, the pendulum is ok, also can use the string or the fine wire is fixed. If you need to install or stand up, you need to buy another card and plug. The original card is fully transparent, it is better to install the waterproof glass glue on the plug and plug after the installation, so as to make the waterproof function better.


The lamp belt is surrounded by the ceiling ceiling curve, the light reflected by the light is reflected, and the open space is more vivid. When the lamp is cut and bent, it is placed in different positions in the bedroom, so that the light is extended to the line of the facade, and the stretching effect is extended. Use the difference of the high and low degree on the side of the ceiling to hit led engineering lamp belt, the indirect illumination is decorated, increase height and dimensional stereo feeling, make the bedroom more open. All arrangement is ready, turn on the light source, or bright or bright light of light and light cross reflect and fall, have the effect that enlarges space suddenly.

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