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The flexible light belt will usher in a bigger competition.

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The flexible light belt will usher in a bigger competition.

Date of release:2018-05-07 Author:ronghui tips Click:

At present, China's gentle light industry has entered the mature stage, and the number of enterprises, small scale, technical level is uneven, the lack of leading enterprises, has been China led engineering light industry development pain points, nowadays, with the acceleration of the industry reshuffle and changes, the situation is gradually improved, especially in the field of led lights in the belt, the upstream performance is more apparent, engineering led lamp with chips, packaging enterprises rapidly expanding market share, industry concentration. From the dynamic point of view, the existing industry in most power led engineering light belt under the premise of enterprise expansion and price increases, engineering led lamp with leading enterprises will do more and more strong, small enterprise is just a matter of time gradually, and industry integration, standardized mode will become the inevitable trend.

Flexible lamp tape


Compared with the leading enterprises in led engineering lighting industry, small and medium-sized enterprises have to pay a higher cost to expand their production, and the price of raw materials increases, which has a fatal impact on small and medium-sized enterprises. Therefore, in the case of the accelerated reshuffle of the industry, the oligarch of the led engineering light belt enterprise Evergrande gradually becomes prominent. In the future, the enterprise of led engineering lamp will usher in a larger competition.

In the era of flexible lamp belt, the technology of flexible lamp belt is continuously upgraded and the market is expanding continuously. In recent years, the light industry of flexible lamp has witnessed rapid growth. In the past few years, both the flexible lamps and the dealers have experienced the "sweet head" of the growth of the flexible light belt lighting emerging industries. At the same time, the led engineering lighting industry with electronic properties has arisen, and the correlation between the switch and other electrical industries has been enhanced, and the development of the electrician industry has also benefited. Such as SOK introduced flexible lamp with the ball bubble lamp, flexible light absorb dome light, flexible lamp T5 stent, flexible lamp tube light, flexible lamp with light, flexible light to shoot the light, and a series of flexible lamp lighting and lighting products.

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