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The flexible light belt must be polished and carefully selected.

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The flexible light belt must be polished and carefully selected.

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Flexible lamp belt is installed inside a lamp chamfer, build large luminous ceiling and metope, the effect of washing wall shape, it is because of its large range of lamplight illuminate, so once appear, problem can affect a wide range of light and shadow. We should be careful when choosing led engineering lamp belt.

Good quality LED lamp beads, the brightness of the lamp bead and lamp bead is consistent, the luminescence is even, and the brightness of the lamp belt also needs to be consistent. The light color of the lamp should also be consistent, with white paper close to the lamp with the luminous surface, the eyes directly observe. In order to have a uniform luminous effect, it is necessary to choose the color of the light color in the selection. The color index Ra > 80 is the requirement that the professional LED lamp belt must meet.

Flexible lamp tape


Improper installation of the lamp belt will also affect the lighting effect.

We can use the installation box to solve the irregularity of the wall. Engineering led lamp with light Angle is 120 °, usually some lamp chamfer is too high, we cannot see the led project lamp with light. For this, the led engineering lamp can be placed high, so that the distance between the lamp belt and the edge of the lamp can be kept at about 4-125px, or the lamp belt will be attached to the side wall.

If the lamp is too long, the tail brightness is not enough, you can use more powerful constant pressure drive, such as 6 m light band with 4 a electric equipment, guarantee the electrical appliances have enough margin, unapt cause waste; You can also change the connection mode of the lamp band to solve the problem that the tail is not bright.

The light belt can also do different, can be so enchanting. Lamp tape in metope do first suggestion layout, and then covered to hollow out board, light can be through the projection of the wood pattern, tactfully soft curves of the space, let a bedroom also much a lasting appeal for fine product.

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