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Flexible lamp with light health needs to start from led light source.

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Flexible lamp with light health needs to start from led light source.

Date of release:2018-05-07 Author:ronghui tips Click:

 Countries said led energy-saving should be promoted, national policy in do, roadmap is also very clear clear as planned, is to want to "energy" incandescent lighting to led lamp belt, also took out all part of city road lighting, as "experimental" range of led lighting applications, so you believe, believe that led the vast heaven and earth, happy happy outlook, so just pouring into "energy-saving led lamps and lanterns" ignore "light"!

Flexible lamp tape


The indicators such as the light distribution and glare index control of the flexible lamp are seriously ignored by many flexible light belts before 2013, and they blindly pursue brightness and illumination.

Glare index control put forward strict requirements on the led project light belt, need led lamp belt manufacturer in the design of lamps and lanterns and light distribution design, is a contradictory unity difficult, for example, the luminous Angle of 120 degrees and 140 degrees Angle of light produced by the glare is absolutely not the same.

Led lamp with a rising at present is still in the primary stage, and he said also not very mature, especially at home, because of the lack of related legal standards, so a lot of led lights with manufacturers in order to maintain the advantage of the success and use inferior led light source, led white light is currently using blue light stimulate phosphor to produce white light, fluorescent powder because there is a known as, it can determine the white light color warm color rendering index, and the composition of cost is the main. Apart from the advantages and disadvantages of the blue chip, the biggest difference between the inferior led and the high quality led is in the proportion of phosphor.

For example, the ophthalmic medicine has found that blue light to the eyes is hurt, long-term exposure to blue light may cause eye fatigue damage, even has the potential of blindness, especially the harm to children. Some manufacturers in order to cost advantage, improve the color temperature, because doing so can reduce the use of lower cost, and can improve the brightness, let the human feel brighter, but this is a danger of light, in real life, in the evening, you can see some light of illumination is the blue white, this is harmful to the human eye light.

Today, chip packaging technology advantage flash, industrial equipment rapid expansion, flash field extension, backlight small gap, intelligent lighting gradually lead the tide. The scale of plant lighting, medical lighting and agricultural lighting is also gradually expanding and has been the focus of the industry.

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