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Where are the advantages of the flexible lamp belt?

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Where are the advantages of the flexible lamp belt?

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With flexible light color changing: it not only want the same color temperature of white, there are other colors, LED by different light emitting chip can imitate the colors of nature, colorful, vivid.

2. Flexible lamp belt has many kinds of maintenance: all of the world famous manufacturers' components have been selected, and there are many kinds of maintenance, such as flow, overpressure, short circuit, open road, lightning protection and surge resistance, etc., which are more stable.

3. The flexible lamp has a high color color: the LED color is more than 85, which is illuminated by the color of the object.

4. Flexible light belt is strong and durable: because the LED is encapsulated with epoxy resin or high-temperature silica gel, it has a strong flexibility. It is not afraid to shake and knead, which is strong and durable.

5. Flexible lamp with no heat: traditional lamps and lanterns with high quantity of heat radiation, at the same time in the glowing was deformed objects will fade, and LED cold light source, light is no heat, the object has no effect.

Flexible lamp tape

6. The flexible lamp has a long life span: the number of days for incandescent bulbs is only 1000 hours, and the number of days for energy-saving lamps is only 2,000 to 8,000 hours, while the number of leds is 80,000 to 100,000 hours.

7. The flexible lamp has no ultraviolet and infrared light: the traditional lamps have ultraviolet and infrared rays, while ultraviolet radiation is harmful to the human body, and the LED has no ultraviolet or infrared rays.

8. Flexible light band with no frequency flash: traditional lamps and lanterns have strobe, which is harmful to the eyes, especially for teenagers. The LED is constant current drive, no stroboscopic, no damage to the eyes, can very well maintain the eyes of young children.

9. Flexible lamp belt is environmentally friendly: traditional lamps have lead, and energy-saving lamps have mercury, which is extremely harmful to human body and environment. LED lead free mercury, without any damage to the human body, is a green environmental goods.

10. Flexible lamp belt saves electricity: LED is 90% less than incandescent lamp, 50% less than energy-saving lamp.

11. High precision of the flexible lamp belt with constant current: LED illumination is driven by constant current drive, and the concave and convex of constant current accuracy is a very important quality evaluation standard for LED lamps. The constant current accuracy of led engineering lamp is 99%.

12. Flexible lamp band bandwidth voltage, brightness adjustable: voltage can range from 80V to 240V, brightness adjustable.

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