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The flexible lamp belt device has both dominant and recessive, which improves the performance of light.

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The flexible lamp belt device has both dominant and recessive, which improves the performance of light.

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Luminance is the brightness of the luminescent surface, indicating the ratio of the luminous intensity of the luminescent surface in the specified direction to the area of the luminescent surface in the specified direction, and the unit is candela per square meter. For a diffuse surface, the brightness of each direction is equal, although the intensity and flux of each direction are different. The fluorescent screen of the TV set is similar to the diffuse scattering surface, so it has the same brightness sense to view the images from all directions.

                            Led engineering lamp belt must be polished and carefully selected.


Led lights with light fixtures are both dominant and recessive. The night lights outline the shapes and levels of the trees, giving them energy and movement, a vision that only exists in our minds. An invisible light illuminates an object as if it were a light body, which adjusts the width of the beam and reflects light, keeping the necessary light and dark contrast.

The flexible light brings up the power of light: it avoids the damage of direct rays to the eye, and is bright but not obtrusive. The duality of light is most evident at night. As if lost in the sense of space and time, the magic of light is to attract people's attention to objects rather than to their own attention. Buildings, materials, and colors change with the light, as if they were life force.

When designing the lighting conditions of a working environment, the flexible lamp should focus on the better visual comfort. Key lighting can arouse people's interest in a certain point and help people to observe the environment in a space. In order to produce different atmosphere and better lighting effect, lighting control system should be considered in lighting design.

The light quality and effect of the led light with the control environment of the flexible lamp should be based on the following two aspects: on the one hand, it can control and use the quantitative indexes which have been verified by scientific experiments; On the other hand, the visual impression and the emotion and interest aroused by visual impression are not quantified subjective feelings and evaluations of the light. Make people have different feeling to the environment and the building, and then produce sensual pleasure and comfort.

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