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Flexible lamp with a brief analysis of the design of a space is actually in the design of light.

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Flexible lamp with a brief analysis of the design of a space is actually in the design of light.

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Light seems to be a chemical reaction: only the correct, precise dosage can create magic. The room needs no more light source, a lamp is enough to satisfy the need of vision and emotion. This reminds me of the spotlights of the theatre, where the audience follows them to a place where all the sensory experiences are mobilized. Light can be a more flexible and interesting design element, can become the catalyst of atmosphere, is the focus of a room and the theme, also can strengthen the administrative levels of the existing decoration.

The perception of space is done by color, texture, structure and all the details that depend on visual stimuli. Once you leave the light and light, you can't talk about these effects. The transmission of light can cause different visual and psychological feelings. In interior space, light source divides two kinds, one is natural light, two is artificial light. In display design, artificial light is usually used, and artificial light is used in combination with natural light. Therefore, lighting and lighting play a decisive role in the display space design effect.

Design a space actually is in design light, design lamps and lanterns is only lamps and lanterns, and now the furniture in the environment, atmosphere should consider, more creation is atmosphere. More and more lamps and lanterns are in "create light", give a person the feeling of light, at the same time reduce the existence feeling of the form of the lamp itself. There was a lamp like a mask, and we only noticed its relation to light, and noticed the shadow behind it, but did not see the lamp. People feel the light strongly, and this time becomes the carrier of people's catharsis and catharsis atmosphere.

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Contrast is the basic finalizing technique of art design. Comparing two different things, forms and colors is called contrast. Harmony, harmony contains the meaning of harmony. It is in the premise of meeting the function requirement, make all kinds of indoor object's shape, color, light, quality and so on the combination obtains harmony, becomes a very harmonious and unified whole; Symmetry is the traditional technique of formal beauty, and it is the first formal beauty law. Symmetry is also divided into absolute symmetry and relative symmetry; Balanced life does, actor walking a tightrope, give a person from the force equilibrium of the stability of the visual art enjoyment, make the person get balanced mental vision, equilibrium is in accordance with the central axis, center of the shape and the same amount of body, artifacts, color photograph configuration; Level, an adornment composition, want to distinguish the level, make the picture has depth, breadth and richer. Lack level, feel mediocre, interior design also wants to pursue dimensional layer sense; Echo, echo is like shadow accompanying, in interior design, ceiling and ground desktop and other part, use echo method, the treatment of form, can have corresponding function; The term "image" refers to the appearance of all objects. Brevity is the absence of ornate decorations and superfluous additions in an indoor environment. Reduce the interior decoration to a minimum by the principle of less and better; Hue, color is one of the important factors that constitute the design of plastic arts.

Flexible lamp lighting design requires absolute safety and reliability. Since the lighting comes from the power supply, the safety measures must be taken to avoid the accident.

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