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The flexible light belt manufacturer introduces the use of light belt in home decoration.

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The flexible light belt manufacturer introduces the use of light belt in home decoration.

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Generally traditions decorate use T5 tube, so a sitting room and other rooms used by 1.2 meters 28 w T5 lamp will reach more than seven or eight, according to an average of six hours/day light time calculations and 40 degrees electric energy consumption for a month.

With the rapid development of led lighting, as auxiliary effect of strip led lights lighting led lamp belt with its environmental protection low energy consumption (average is calculated based on light time 6 hours/day, a month 15 KWH energy consumption), can be bent and arbitrary random characteristics became the replacement of traditional T5 lamp as the light of choice. Today, led lighting market is low because of the low quality threshold, and the price of led light belt ranges from 3 yuan/meter to 30 yuan/meter, with a higher price of more than 60 yuan.

The price can be seen that the price difference of led light belt is quite large. For the choice of home decoration, we suggest using the mid-end product to be more cost-effective. After knowing the market, we can know that led light belt manufacturers mainly in the pearl river delta region, especially in shenzhen and zhongshan, occupy more than 85% of the national led light belt. In contrast, shenzhen produces more of the medium and high-end products, while zhongshan is a low-end product. Shenzhen's main market is mostly in Europe and the United States and other developed countries. Zhongshan products are mostly in China or other developing countries, such as the Middle East.

Because the market is relatively low, the number of domestic outfit for durable aging, generally we suggest using low-pressure lamp, low voltage constant work, can avoid because of voltage instability caused by the lamp current is too large. The maximum guarantee of the life of the lamp belt. The service life of led lamp belt manufacturer can reach 20,000-30,000 hours.

The installation of led light belt should be aware of matters needing attention. The led lamp belt has a general voltage of dc 12V, so it is necessary to use the switch power supply when home decoration. The power supply is determined according to the power and connection length of the led light belt. Monochrome 5050 strips of led lights with wiring is to distinguish is negative, the general led lighting manufacturers provide welding power plug, directly into the leds with manufacturers to provide above the lamp with power is good, if you don't want every belt of led lights with a power to control, can buy a larger better switch power supply, power supply, power and took all the led lights all input power supply in parallel, unified by the main switch power supply.

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